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Hey! My Name is Denise,but you can call me Shiori ;D
Im 18 years old and a cosplayer. I'm especially in love with Teen Top (C.A.Ptain) and B.A.P <3

April 20, 2014 3:24 pm

reality hurts

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As long as I’m not the loser, it’s okay !

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He was one of them….


He was one of them….

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make me choose: bts or teen top for oppa-is-mine-forever.

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the prettiest boy.

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let me join you so won’t be alone (っ•́ ₃ • ̀)つ

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teen top ft. caricatures

LOL at the hosts’ comments! XD

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Random Minsoo GIFs 26-30/ : Never Stop in Guam Episode 2-3

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Apperaiation post of how V talks and looks at armys

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